Consultant services

Veritech as offering consulting services especially within the international system standards for management systems.

Veritech as a main priority of consulting for businesses and organizations that want an adaptation of its management systems to meet the accredited certification or "ISO certification" as popularly called.

Veritech as base level of assistance to the business needs.

It is recommended that only a state audit the management of the company are reviewed according to the desired focus and reference.

  • The quality is usually chosen to EN ISO 9001  Quality management systems as a reference
  • Those who only want a status of any certification of its external environment is selected NS-EN ISO 14001 Environmental management systems
  • Is it only a desirable status or assessment in relation to the work environment is elected the international standard SN-BS OHSAS 18001:2007 or ISO 45001

The steps in a typical consulting project with the goal of accredited certification is as follows: